Leadership - Management


Brad Truini, Executive Director

Brad joined the Alden Court team in 2004 and holds the position of Executive Director of Alden Court. He holds a BS of Finance from Northeastern University. As a Nursing Home Administrator, Brad’s primary duties are to maintain the business, organizational and operations of Alden Court. Brad comes to work every day because of the interaction he has with the residents, he is a strong believer in the fact that we can all learn something from the wonderful group Alden Court takes care of. Outside of Alden Court, Brad is involved in various local boards and councils, desiring to be an active member of the community. Alden Court is a special place, and Brad and his staff are all committed to making sure this facility is the best on the South Coast of Massachusetts.

Karen Floyd, RN-BSN, Director of Nursing

Karen joined the Alden Court team in 2014, and she currently holds the position of Director of Nursing. Her primary duties include organizing and overseeing all nursing operations at Alden Court, while creating a collaborative and efficient workplace with attention to quality standards and policies. Karen comes to work every day with the goal of providing quality care to the residents,and creating meaningful connections with patients and their families. Ensuring each day staff and residents receive the support, encouragement, and sense of community that makes Alden Court special drives her to come to work each day.

Megan Bartell, RN, Assistant Director of Nursing/ Nurse Manager of Post-Acute Unit

Megan joined the Alden Court team in 2017 and she currently holds the position of Assistant Director of Nursing and the Nurse Manager of the Post-Acute Unit. Megan's role is to assist the Director of Nursing in overseeing the nursing department at Alden court. Her duties include assisting in the oversight of staff, promoting a positive working environment, adherence to DPH standards and providing a quality level of care. She also oversees the day-to-day care of the patients on the post-acute unit, communicating with IDT, communicating with patients/ families, and rounding with providers to ensure the best quality of care for each patient. Megan comes to work every day because of the exceptional care that the facility provides to its residents and patients, as well as the culture that is family oriented and allows for support of all the employees.

Lisa Beaudoin, Director of Business Accounts/Receivable 

Lisa joined Alden Court in 1989 and currently holds the position of Business Accounts/Accounts Receivable Manager. Her primary duties include managing patients’ financial information along with billing various health insurance companies for a patient’s stay. Outside of Alden Court, she has actively worked with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, and she runs an annual fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. She comes in to work every day because she enjoys the work she does at Alden Court greatly. After working here since 1989, she considers Alden Court a second home, and it is a home she happily does everything she can to support.

Samantha Wrightington, Controller

Samantha Wrightington joined Alden Court in 2019 as the Financial Controller.    Sam has an Associates Degree in Business Management.   She brings 18 years of Business knowledge and Accounting experience to our Team.


Sharon Jensen, Director of Recreation/Marketing

Sharon joined the Alden Court team in 2001 and currently holds the position of Director of Recreation/Marketing. She received a bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Communications/Marketing. Her primary duties include providing therapeutic recreational programs for all cognitive levels of residents, both long and short term. The current program is aimed at meeting individual needs of the residents through innovative and creative means. Sharon, as marketing director, does work with several outside senior organizations to educate them on how Alden Court provides both short-stay rehab and long term care. Sharon comes to work every day because of the positive environment that Alden Court is, creating a warm, home-like atmosphere for residents and patients; she loves bringing joy to the residents and patients through their activity programs as well.

Deb Houck, P.T. Director of Rehabilitation Services

Deb comes to Alden Court with years of rehab and clinical experience. She facilitates a very tight rehab program and over sees a staff of 10-15 therapists. Deb joined the management team in 2010.

Michelle Pinto, LPN, Director of Admissions

Michelle joined the Alden Court team in 2016 and currently holds the position of Director of Admissions. Her primary duties at Alden Court include managing and facilitating the admissions process of the department. She comes to work every day because she loves seeing and interacting with the residents. She loves being a part of the Alden Court family and considers herself lucky to be working in such a compassionate and welcoming environment.

Melissa Roy,Director of Human Resources

Melissa joined Alden Court in 2012 as Director of Human Resources. Melissa provides guidance to over 200 hundred staff as well as processing the weekly payroll.

Mark Blanchard, LSW/LMHC, Director LTC Social Service

Mark joined the Alden Court team in August 2001 and currently serves as the Director of Social Service. Mark’s primary duties involve helping patients and their families navigate the sometimes confusing and overwhelming world of rehabilitation and long-term care. This includes discussing topics such as resident rights, benefit coverage, community support services, adjustment, counseling, and support. Mark comes into work every day because it allows him to meet many new different people, whether the patients or their families. Mark must deal with many unique challenges and requests; as a result, assisting in whatever ways he can to help residents. Mark has worked in several different facilities and programs over the years, but he believes that Alden Court is unique. He believes that there is a sense of team, community, and caring that runs deep; he believes that we make a difference every day.

Lisa Sylvia, LSW, Social Worker/Discharge Planning - Post Acute Unit

Lisa joined the Alden Court team in 2016, and she currently works as a Licensed Social Worker on the Huttleston Unit. Lisa’s primary duty at Alden Court is helping patients and their families with discharge planning. Lisa has been a licensed social worker for 29 years, and of all the facilities she has worked at, she sees Alden Court as a well-oiled machine that works as a team and makes a difference in providing exceptional residential care. She loves her job and comes in every day because she is dedicated to her residents and makes sure she gives it her all every day.

Dana DiBiasio, Director of Food Services 

Dana credits his father, who was a great cook, to his love of food and cooking. He brings training at the Culinary Institute of America to his position, and he is a certified food service supervisor. Dana has been with Alden Court since 1991, previously working for hotel chains and area restaurants.

Joe Oliveira, Director of Maintenance

Joe has been at Alden Court since 2002. He brings to Alden Court his background of Plant Operations Director and plumbing experience. Joe has over 27 years' experience of Health Care Facilities Maintenance.

Nancy Greene, M.Ed, RDN, Dietitian/Nutritionist

Nancy joined the Alden Court team in 1994, initially working as a consultant before joining full time as an employee. She currently holds the position of Dietitian/Nutritionist, and she, herself, is a registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, licensed in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She received a bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition and a master’s in Education in Health Science, completing a post-graduate traineeship at the Boston Hospital for Women. Nancy’s primary duties at Alden Court include monitoring and assessing the nutritional status of each resident and helping them to develop an individualized plan. She also works closely with the Food Service planner to assist with menu planning and food safety monitoring. Nancy comes to work every day because she loves helping residents and being part of the caring community that is the Alden Court team; she strives to make a difference every day in the residents’ lives.

Kevin Medeiros, Director of Housekeeping

Kevin joined the Alden Court team in 2017 and currently holds the position of housekeeping director, with him in charge of both the housekeeping and laundry departments. Kevin's primary duties at Alden Court are making sure the entire building is as clean and comfortable as possible for the residents and patients. 


Stefanie Brizida, RN, Staff Development Coordinator

Stefanie joined the Alden Court team in 1999. She currently holds the position of Staff Development Coordinator. Her primary duties include directing, administering, and supervising the training of all employees. She is responsible for preparing newly hired employees for their roles at Alden Court, and for developing the skills needed to provide quality care to patients and residents. She has worked in this facility for 23 years in various capacities from a certified nursing assistant, staff nurse, charge nurse and now a supervisor. She comes to work every day because she considers Alden Court a second home. She enjoys being considered a resource to staff here and takes pride in her work.

Joanne Borges, RN, MDS Case Manager

Kayleigh Enos, LPN, Nurse Manager - Whitfield Unit

Kayleigh joined the Alden Court team in 2017, and she currently holds the position of Licensed Practical Nurse. Her duties as the wound care nurse are to monitor and manage wounds that are a result of disease, injury, or medical treatments. She works closely with the members of the patient’s care team as a resource to provide personalized treatment plans and ensure they are followed correctly for proper healing and prevention. She is responsible for the development, direction, implementation, management, and operation of the infection prevention at Alden Court. She comes to work every day because her patients are always her top priority, and the "Alden Way" sets the highest of standards for quality patient care, safety, and life fulfillment.

Denise Brissette, Admission Coordinator

Denise joined Alden Court in 2005 and currently holds the position of Admission Coordinator. Denises's primary duties include coordinating with hospital case managers, verifying and assisting with insurance of residents, and admitting these patients and residents. Denise comes to work every day because she believes that the dedication of her co-workers makes everyone in the facility feel like family. She is honored to be a part of that family and to be able to help and care for the entire Alden Court Community.

Devin Vachon, LSW, Licensed Social Worker

Devin joined the Alden Court team in 2017, and currently works as a part-time Social Worker. Devin has been a Social Worker for 10 years now, after graduating with a degree in Social Work from Providence College in 2010, she took a step back from full-time work in 2016 to put more focus on her family before joining Alden Court part-time. Devin’s primary duties include assisting the full-time Social Workers at Alden Court in any capacity to ensure that resident rights are maintained in addition to making sure any social, emotional, or physical needs of the residents are met. These duties also include primarily assisting in individual social service assessments and initial discharge care plans, as well as providing added support to residents throughout their stay at Alden Court. Devin comes to work every day to interact with residents and their families, helping them navigate the world of nursing care. Devin considers being part of a team that is so devoted to their work a blessing.

Jerilyn Skolis, Human Resource Assistant,

Jerilyn joined the Alden Court team in 2016, and she currently holds the position of Human Resources Assistant and Credentialing Coordinator. Her primary duties include assisting with all Human Resources duties as well as making sure all providers are credentialed and in compliance.


Joanne Correra, Receptionist

Joanne joined the Alden Court team in 2004 as a receptionist. Her duties include answering calls and questions from visitors, greeting them, as well as assisting the residents’ with their personal needs accounts and assisting the head of the Accounts Receivable department. She believes that the staff of Alden Court is as close as family members and that the building itself is a lovely place to work. She enjoys engaging with the Alden Court community as well as its visitors, hearing their stories and their positive experiences at Alden Court.

Sharon Vandenburgh

Sharon has her Associates degree in Accounting from Bristol Community College. Sharon manages the medical records and unit secretaries. She has been a valuable part of Alden Court since 2004.