Alden Court's Short-Term Rehabilitation services help speed up the recovery of individuals recovering from orthopedic surgeries, strokes, heart attacks, CHF, COPD and many other medically complex conditions. The 41-bed post-acute unit provides Short Term Nursing and Rehabilitation Care.

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Having Elective

Before you check in, check us out. To avoid any additional stress, you can meet our rehab and nursing staff, tour our facility and our rehab unit. Pre-Register for your post-op care. For more information contact one of our Admission team at 508-991-8600, ext 133.

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The Whitfield and Cooke Unit provides a "home-like" environment for our long-term residents. We are experts at creating a comforting, caring home for our residents. 

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Planned Resident Leave of Absences

Because of ongoing community transmission of COVID-19 within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and concerns for the health and safety of residents, the Department recommends that residents do not participate in planned leaves of absence at this time. If, however, a long-term care facility resident wants to schedule a planned leave of absence from the facility, the facility clinical leadership should work with the resident and their loved ones to create a plan for a safer leave. This plan must include education for the resident and loved ones about:

  • wearing cloth face coverings;
  • practicing physical distancing;
  • limiting interaction to the fewest number of people possible while the resident is on their planned leave. 
  • Loved ones also limiting their interaction to the fewest number of people possible for two weeks before the resident’s planned leave/visit.
  • assessment about the possible exposure risks while the resident is on their planned leave and instructions about how to mitigate them. 
  • The need for the resident to quarantine for fourteen days upon return from leave


If the facility does not have a room available for quarantine for a resident who is returning from a planned leave of absence, then loved ones may be required to keep and care for the resident until a room is available. The facility must communicate this to the resident and their loved ones prior to the resident leaving the facility. 


Long-term care facilities should test any resident returning from a planned leave of absence, however, a negative test result does not remove the requirement to quarantine for the 14 day period. 




As part of our effort to keep Alden Court Nursing residents and their families up to date on our efforts to address COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) and provide information about any instances of COVID-19 in our facility, we have created this resource page. Any emails or letters shared to family will be posted here; in addition, we will alert you to new communications via our Voice Friend system (which sends automatic texts and voicemails to the number we have on file for your family).

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A Little About Us


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Alden Court Nursing Care & Rehabilitation Center is  a 142 bed skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility.  There are three units in this facility, The Huttleston Unit provides post-acute, short term nursing and rehabilitation care which has 41 beds. The Whitfield and Cooke Units are longer-term stays for the elderly residents that this is considered their “home”.